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WP Mail Pro provides a free ready-to-go solution for your WordPress email needs.

Mail Service

Insure that your emails are delivered securely and reliably

Cloud Email Delivery

WP Mail Pro hosts its own mail servers optimized for sending WordPress emails. WP Mail Pro ensures the quality of our service from request to delivery of your emails.

Email Reliability

With WP Mail Pro email delivery services, you can be confident that your email has the best chance of avoiding spam filters and successfully landing in the inbox.


WP Mail Pro reconfigures the default WP_Mail function to send your site's emails to our mail servers. Where they are sent via SMTP to the recipient.

Email Logs

Don't get left in the dark on the details of your emails.

Detailed Information

Email logs are displayed in a table with detailed information of each email. This information includes Timestamp, Sender Domain, Recipient, Subject, Email Status, Errors, and View Email.


If you need to search for information on a past email. WP Mail Pro keeps a log of all the emails sent by your website in the last 30 days.


WP Mail Pro allows for you to quickly find the logs you are looking for with filtering by status, recipient, and date.

View Email

Under each email in the logs table there is a view email button that when clicked will open a new tab displaying the content of the email.

Click Tracking

WP Mail Pro offers email level click tracking giving you insight on the users that open and click on the emails you are sending.

Email Status

WP Mail Pro gives an up to date status of every email that you send so that you can quickly identify any problems with your emails.

Email Setting

Configure your sites emails setting to met your needs

Set Sender Address

Make it clear to your users who is sending them emails. WP Mail Pro allows for you to set the Sender Address and the Sender name.

Override All Address

WP Mail Pro gives you the option to override all other sending addresses in WordPress. Giving you a constant sending address across your entire site.

Send Test Emails

WP Mail Pro offers a test email function to verify that your site's emails are correctly configured and helps with quick and easy troubleshooting.

Sending Domain

Send from your own domain with WP Mail Pro

Custom Sending Domain

Increase your site's credibility. WP Mail Pro allows you to send from your own domain with our easy DNS setup.

Easy DNS Setup

WP Mail Pro makes sending from your own domain easier than ever with our One Click DNS record generation.

Default Sending Domain

WP Mail Pro has a default sending domain configured so that you can troubleshoot problems and send emails immediately while you wait for domain DNS to verify

Metrics & Analytics

Take The Guesswork Out of Email Analytics

Sending Limit

WP Mail Pro Metrics page provides you with a clear easy to read progress bar of your sending limit so you always know how many emails you have left each month.

Engagement Metrics

The metrics page also provides click tracking data that give the user a summary of how many recipients open and click the links in the email they are sending.

Delivery Metrics

The Metrics page provides an overview of all emails sent in a given time frame to provide a summary of your email performance