WP Mail Pro Affiliate Program

Earn Money for every subscriber that you refer to WP Mail Pro! Join WP Mail Pro’s Affiliate Program.

How Much Can You Make

WP Mail Pro pays up to $100 commission on every user subscription that you generate using your referral link.

Additionally WP Mail Pro pays $5 commission for every user that you refer that activates our plugin. This means you earn even on users that sign up for free.

Commission Structure

Plan Commission
Free Plan $0.00 / Month You Earn $5 Sign Up
Lite Plan $10.00 / Month You Earn $20 + $5 Sign Up
Basic Plan $20.00 / Month You Earn $35 + $5 Sign Up
Premium Plan $35.00 / Month You Earn $50 + $5 Sign Up
Enterprise Plan You Earn $100 + $5 Sign Up

Why Promote WP Mail Pro

We at WP Mail Pro have been building a running WordPress site for years and have always struggled to produce a simple, reliable, and affordable way to send emails from our sites. Additionally With the increasing use of aggressive spam filters WordPress sites are facing more deliverability issues every day.

This is why we have developed WP Mail Pro. Unlikely other email plugins that are simply just an API bridge between your site and a 3rd party email provider. WP Mail Pro is not only the plugin but also the emailing service. 

WP Mail Pro is the first product to integrate the email service with the WordPress plugin delivering the simplest and most reliable user experience. WP Mail Pro ensures that your site’s emails have the best chance of being delivered to the inbox securely and don’t end up spam.

How to Become an Affiliate Partner

Whether you are a website owner or a blogger, the WP Mail Pro Affiliate Program offers you a great opportunity to partner with us and earn commissions by using your affiliate link.

To Apply to become an Affiliate Partner for WP Mail Pro please fill out the affiliate application form below.

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours before you get approved and don’t forget to read through our Affiliate Terms of Service.

If you would like to schedule a call to talk more about our offers click here.