What Is A WordPress SMTP Email Plugin, and How Does It Stand Out?

WordPress SMTP Email Plugin

There are more than 28 million live websites that use WordPress as their content management system. Every one of those sites sends some kind of email to their visitors whether it’s blog registration confirmations, password reminders, or some other type of communication.

But even though a large number of websites use WordPress, the built-in email function leaves a lot to be desired.

If your website runs on WordPress and you want to have a more reliable way to send email to your visitors, a WordPress SMTP email plugin can help. Let’s look at what these plugins do and why you should consider one for your website.

Why You Need to Send Email from WordPress

WordPress uses a function called wp_mail to send email from your website. This function uses the PHP programming language that powers WordPress to send email for various things, including:

  • WordPress user registrations
  • Password recovery
  • Comment notifications
  • Update notifications

You might also want to send email to the members of your site or a list of subscribers. When you use the built-in email function in WordPress, it sends the email through the PHPmailer class, a php class that allows sending of email via php script.

Options for Sending Email from a WordPress Website

There are other options besides the built-in email function in WordPress.

First, you can send email through a third-party SMTP server using an SMTP plugin. This essentially re-routes any email getting sent from your site through a different server.

You can also use an email service provider (ESP) to send email but they don’t integrate into your site the same way. In this case, you could send broadcast emails through the ESP but all the notifications and WordPress-based messages would still go through the internal email function.

What Is SMTP Email?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It’s a protocol designed to send and receive email over the internet.

When you send an email, whether from your computer’s email app or your WordPress website, the SMTP server converts it into chunks of data that other mail servers will understand. When they receive those pieces of information, they can re-assemble them into the email for someone at the other end to read.

What is a WordPress SMTP Email Plugin?

An SMTP plugin for WordPress lets you tell your website to send all email through an external SMTP server. This means you don’t have to worry about configuring the SMTP server on your web host or running into any limits they might have on the number of emails you can send.

Instead, you can use an SMTP plugin like WP Mail Pro to redirect the email through another service. As far as WordPress is concerned, it can send messages as usual. The plugin takes care of redirecting everything behind the scenes.

WP Mail Pro provides its own cloud email delivery servers optimized for sending email from a WordPress site.

Benefits of Using an SMTP Plugin vs. Built-In WordPress Email

A WordPress SMTP plugin has several advantages over using the built-in email function. The most significant advantage is email deliverability.

Any email messages that aren’t coming from a properly configured SMTP server with proper authentication are likely to trigger spam filters. Those messages often end up in people’s spam folders which can lead to customer service problems and other issues for the users on your site.

External SMTP servers like the ones provided by WP Mail Pro are configured for the highest possible deliverability. Email services can authenticate the sender of those messages, helping to identify them as legitimate email.

Another benefit of using a WordPress SMTP plugin is that you don’t have to worry about running into limitations with your web host. Many hosting companies focus more on web hosting than email and they often set limits on the number of messages you can send from your server.

These limits are typically based on what an individual user would send every day, week, or month — not what a website with dozens or even hundreds of users might send. If your website exceeds those limits, you may not be able to send any more email at all.

The Best SMTP Email Plugin for WordPress

There are quite a few SMTP plugins for WordPress but there’s a big range of features. WP Mail Pro is one of the most powerful, full-featured SMTP plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem.

With WP Mail Pro, you get a reliable, secure cloud-based email service that sends all your site’s email. It reconfigures the default email function to direct everything through the cloud, ensuring you get the benefit of all the advantages we just covered.

You also get access to full logs of all the emails your website sent in the last 30 days. This lets you view those emails, track how many users opened the messages and clicked on the links they contain, and run status reports on all your email so you can easily find any problems.

You can also set the address that appears as the sender address in the emails going out from your site as well as a custom sending domain. This lets you brand your emails to make them more recognizable for your users.

And you get access to engagement and delivery metrics reports so you can easily see how many of your users interact with the email you send.

Improve Your WordPress Email for Free

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable WordPress SMTP email plugin for your site, look no further than WP Mail Pro. It offers a range of powerful features for WordPress-based sites of all sizes.

Check out all the features of WP Mail Pro and get started for free today.

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