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1,000 Free Emails a Month, Sending Emails in WordPress Reliably doesn't have to be Expensive or Complicated

WP Mail Pro Combines our WordPress Plugin, and Email Delivery Service to Create a Simple and Reliable All in One Email Solution for WordPress

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Sending Emails In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download & Install the Plugin

Step 2: Activate the Plugin

Step 3: Configure Your Sending Domain

Everything related to emails sent by our service can be viewed and managed from inside our plugin this means that the user never has to leave their WordPress site to manage their emails. This greatly simplifies the use and the setup.

Reliable WordPress Email Delivery Has Never Been Easier

WP Mail Pro hosts its own mail servers optimized for sending WordPress emails. WP Mail Pro ensures the quality of our service from request to delivery of your emails.

With WP Mail Pro email delivery services, you can be confident that your email has the best chance of avoiding spam filters and successfully landing in the inbox.

Customer Testimonials

"WP Mail Pro has allowed us to send emails reliably and track our sending performance. We often had no idea if our emails made it to customer's inboxes. After many complaints from customers we found WP Mail Pro and haven’t had an issue since."
~ Swyft Robotics LLC
"WP Mail Pro is the most powerful and easy to use email plugin for WordPress that we have found. We had countless email issues on our site, but WP Mail Pro solved all the problems we were facing with only a few clicks and all for free."
~ GC Innovations LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Other plugins are simply just an API bridge between your site and a 3rd party email provider (e.g. Mailgun). WP Mail Pro out performs other WordPress emails plugins by combining our WordPress Plugin, and Email Delivery Service to create a simple and reliable All in One Email Solution for WordPress

Yes, WP Mail Pro makes sending from your own domain easier than ever with our One Click DNS record generation.

Yes, Email logs are displayed in a table with detailed information of each email including Timestamp, Sender Domain, Recipient, Subject, Email Status, Errors, and View Email.

Yes, WP Mail Pro Metrics page provides you with a clear easy to read sending limit progress bar, engagement tracking data, and an overview of all emails sent in a given time frame.

WP Mail Pro allows you to customise your email experience with configurations for the Sender Address, Sender name, Reply to Address and the option to override all other sending addresses in WordPress.

WP Mail Pro

No Simpler Solution Exists for Sending Reliable WordPress Emails